Natural Limescale Remover

Natural Limescale Remover
Natural Limescale Remover

There are several home remedies and natural limescale removers you can try and see what works for you. Because of the different water compositions in different locations, don't give up if one of these strategies doesn't work for you. Keep trying them out.

Lemon Juice

Many people have had success with lemon juice for removing lime and hard water stains. However, this can get expensive if lemons are not in season or are not native to your area. Bottled lemon juice can work as well but it might not be as effective as natural lemon juice. Here's what to do:

1. Squeeze and strain 1-2 lemons or more depending on the amount of stain you are trying to remove.

2. Quickly soak a paper towel or sponge in the juice.

3. Apply and wait a few seconds before trying to scrub.

4. Scrub with paper towel or brush.

You can also put the juice in a spray bottle as well.


Several people have reported success with simple white vinegar as a natural limescale remover. This is the same principle as cleaning a coffee pot. It can work well on glass and metal such as your water taps and knobs.

Soda Water

Yet another way to get rid of some limescale buildup in a toilet is to use a can of carbonated soda. Just pour the can into the bowl and leave it for an hour or so. Then flush. You can strub it a bit before flushing to loosen up the deposits as well.

White Wine

White wine can work as another natural limescale remover. Depending on its price it could cost less than some household cleaning products too -- if it comes from a box! But seriously, use some wine on a paper towl or rag to scrub limescale off shower doors or mirrors.

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