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Limescale Inhibitor Resources

Limescale formation occurs in hot water conditions over much of the country - almost as much as half. And contrary to popular belief it is not just a UK problem. In fact, almost every country in the world has a region where calcium will be taken up by rain water. If this water is removed for drinking, then limescale deposits will result.

Limescale inhibitors are akin to the limescale control mechanisms. There are magnetic limescale inhibitors and electronic limescale inhibitors as well. Be careful to check out reviews for a limescale inhibitor that you intend to purchase and make sure the one you buy comes with a return policy. There is evidence that the powerful limescale inhibitors do work, but if the one you are looking at isn't ultra powerful you might not see great results.

H2flow magnetic water conditioner - Magnetic hard-water treatment & lime scale inhibitor.

Aquaphos BP - filter & limescale inhibitor

Mini C Scale Inhibitor - Prevents scale build-up in water heaters & kettles.

MaxPro 800 - Choose the NSF certified model that best suits your needs for chlorine reduction, lime scale reduction, and removal of bad tastes, odors and contaminants