Limescale Control

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Limescale Control Resources

Limescale wastes both energy and financial resources just one eighth of an inch of scale reduces heating efficiency by 25%. You can control limescale only to the extent that you can modify water and the surfaces themselves to precent the naturally occuring elements in water from attaching permanently.

There are several ways to control limescale from using water conditioners to preventing limescale buildup. See some of the handy links below.

Magnetic Water Treatment - While somewhat controversial, magnetic water treatment devices have been shown to be effective in reducing the amount of limescale that attaches to your plumbing.

Superior Water Conditioners - magnetic water conditioner for scale control

Hydroflow Water Conditioners - eliminates the problems associated with lime scale without the need to remove the chemicals themselves responsible for encrusting lime scale formation.

ScaleSafe- a proprietary water treatment product that provides limescale build up prevention & corrosion control.